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Yves Chamberland

Также известно как: Y. Chamberlan, Y. Chamberland, Yves Chamberlain, Yves Chamberlan

Дискография Yves Chamberland:

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French engineer. Started as session drummer at Studio Cochereau and at [l=Studio Geneix]. In 1965 he founded the [l=Studio Davout] and then bought the [l=Studio Hérouville]. Specialized in jazz music. He co-founded the [l=Dreyfus Jazz] label in 1991. Among others he worked for: Jacques Ary, Au Bonheur des Dames, Sidney Bechet, David Bowie, Philip Catherine, Pétula Clark, Jean Constantin, Michel Faubert, Claude Goaty, Claude Lutter, Magma, Michel Magne, Anita Moralès, Michel Petrucciani, Colette Renard, Claude Robin, Marc Thomas, Jethro Tull, Pierre-Gérard Verny, Benoit Widemann…

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