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Mamonas Assassinas

Члены группы Mamonas Assassinas: Bento Hinoto, Dinho (5), Júlio Rasec, Samuel Reoli, Sérgio Reoli
Группа в интернете: http://www.mamonasassassinas.blogger.com.br/

Дискография Mamonas Assassinas:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Mamonas Assassinas 14 audio iTunes 1995-06-23 EMI
2 Vira-Vira 3 audio iTunes 1995 EMI
3 2 Em 1 28 audio iTunes 2008 EMI
4 Mamonas Assassinas 14 audio iTunes 2010 EMI
5 Show Ao Vivo - Arquivo Familiar 23 audio iTunes 2002 Cine Arts
6 Atenção Creuzebek: A Baixaria Continua 12 audio iTunes 1998
7 Pelados Em Santos 3 audio iTunes 1995 EMI
8 Mamonas Assassinas 14 audio iTunes 1995-06-23 EMI
9 Vira-Vira 3 audio iTunes 1995 EMI
10 Brasil De A a Z 45 audio iTunes 2007-10-16 EMI
11 Mamonas Assassinas 1995 12 audio iTunes 1999 BancadoRock
12 Robocop Gay 2 audio iTunes 1995-10-00 EMI
13 Chopis Centis 2 audio iTunes 1995 EMI
14 One Mamonas Assassinas 16 Hits 16 audio iTunes 2009 EMI

Mamonas Assassinas was a satirical Brazilian pop/rock band. They were a huge hit in 1995 among children, teenagers and even adults - probably due to the crude humor in their lyrics. Their career ended tragically in 2 March 1996, when the plane in which they were crashed into the Cantareira mountain range, near São Paulo, instantly killing all the members of the band, as well as the plane crew. Mamonas Assassinas members employed a humorous mixture between diverse styles. They often borrowed elements from other music, among which were the main riff of the Portuguese Vira, Northeastern Brazil songs, Mexican music in Pelados em Santos, their most famous song, metal, often using typical heavy riffs and having recorded a satirical song about the subject, Débil Metal. This combination can be easilly checked at their videoclips, where various references to many kinds of culture can be encountered.

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