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Rembert De Smet

Rembert De Smet

Также известно как: De Smet, De Smet Rembert, De Smet, Rembert, Maria R.E. Smet De Rembert, R. De Smet, R. Desmet, R.De Smet, Rembert, Rembert Desmet

Дискография Rembert De Smet:

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Belgian artist best known from the '2 Belgen' project (cfr. Lena). By the late '80 he got severely involved into the new beat scene (probably due to the commercial succes of this music style back then). Since he didn't want his real name to be linked those productions he used the monickers Ro Maron & Agaric. Rembert worked oftenly together with the Praga Khan pack. Since 1994 he's active as 'Esta Loco', a Flamenco-Pop formation, where he plays a dozen of acoustic instruments.

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