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Nigel Preston

Nigel Preston

Также известно как: Nigel Prestel

Дискография Nigel Preston:

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Born: 4th April, 1959, London, United Kingdom -Musical Occupation: Drummer - In August 1981 Nigel joined [a=Theatre Of Hate], just after the recording of their debut album. [a=Theatre Of Hate] disbanded in spring 1983 and when the band reunited in 1991 Nigel was not part of the new line up. In September 1983 Nigel joined [a=Death Cult] with former fellow [a=Theatre Of Hate] guitarist [a=Billy Duffy]. In January 1984 [a=Death Cult] dropped "Death" from the bands name and became [a=Cult, The] and in June 1985 Nigel was let go of his duties from [a=Cult, The] because of drug use that caused him to miss sessions, becoming unreliable. Nigel died on 1st April, 1992 of a heroin overdose.

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