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Instinct (7)

Члены группы Instinct (7): Angela Jaeger, James Johnstone, Simon Underwood
Группа в интернете: http://www.pigbag.com/instinct

Дискография Instinct (7):

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Following the breakup of [a=Pigbag], vocalist [a=Angela Jaeger], bassist Simon Underwood, and guitarist James Johnstone formed Instinct. Signed to [a=Trevor Horn]'s [l=ZTT] label, the trio made one recorded appearance on the 1985 label compilation [url=/release/73452]Sampled[/url] (produced with [a=Luis Jardim]). Sadly, after recording an unreleased single, Instinct and Horn clashed during production of the band's full-length debut. Apparently Horn's trademark massive sound did not go down well. Material failed to surface, and the group opted to quit.

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