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Daniel Codella, Lydia Walker, Sean Gregory Miller, Drew Miller, Jeff Michael Lopes, and Tim Curtner

Группа в интернете: http://www.polaremusic.com

Дискография Polare:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Digerati 15 audio iTunes 2003 Polare Music
2 Lovestage 12 audio iTunes 2006-10-10 Fiberline Audio
3 Earshot 3 audio iTunes 2006-03-16 Fiberline Audio
4 Change Of Echelon 3 audio iTunes 2005-10-10 Fiberline Audio
5 Diamond Plate 3 audio iTunes 2005-08-20 Fiberline Audio
6 Earshot (Avedon Remix) 3 audio iTunes 2006-07-06 Fiberline Audio
7 Earshot (Simuck Remix) 3 audio iTunes 2006-11-08 Fiberline Audio
8 I Want This To Last 3 audio iTunes 2005-07-30 Fiberline Audio
9 I Want You To 3 audio iTunes 2006-05-27 Fiberline Audio
10 Liberte 3 audio iTunes 2007-01-25 Fiberline Audio
11 Sacrifice 3 audio iTunes 2005-04-16 Fiberline Audio
12 Volante 3 audio iTunes 2006-06-06 Fiberline Audio
13 Volante (Dub) 3 audio iTunes 2006-06-06 Fiberline Audio
14 True Faith 2004 3 audio iTunes 2004-09-10 Fiberline Audio
15 Polari 5 audio iTunes Polare Music

Polare is a San Francisco electronic band that was formed in 1999 by Daniel Codella with drummer, Thomas Hinderlie. Wanting to expand the concept into a full live band, Codella didn't accomplish this goal until late 2006, when a collabertion with First in Flight guitarist and vocalist, Sean Miller on Polare’s “Kill the Beast” that the pair felt a closer working relationship was in order. Since the collaboration, Miller’s brother and First in Flight’s bassist, Drew Miller, vocalist and lyricist, Lydia Walker and Jeff Lopes, and drummer, Tim Curtner now complete Codella’s vision of Polare. The live 6-piece band covers the whole spectrum of electronic music, with Depeche Mode being their main influence.

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