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Tommy Aldridge

Также известно как: Aldridge, Томми Одридж, Tommy "Dork" Aldridge
Группа в интернете: http://www.tommyaldridge.com/

Дискография Tommy Aldridge:

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A self-taught Hard Rock drummer (b. 15 August, 1950 in Jackson, Mississippi), Tommy Aldridge got his start with the Southern Rock band [a=Black Oak Arkansas] in the early 1970s. He is credited with developing the double-bass drumming technique, later adopted by countless Hard Rock, Metal and Thrash drummers in the 1980s. After a three year stint with the [a=Pat Travers Band], appearing on 5 albums, Tommy joined [a=Ozzy Osbourne]'s newly formed band in 1981. In the mid-80s, Tommy played with a variety of acts, most notably [a=Whitesnake]. Always in demand, he has more recently toured with [a=Thin Lizzy] and [a=Ted Nugent], but rejoined Whitesnake early 2013.

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