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Empathy Boxx

Steve Hitchell & Josh Werner

Члены группы Empathy Boxx: Josh Werner, Stephen Hitchell
Группа в интернете: http://www.plateaux-resistance.com

Дискография Empathy Boxx:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Acid Burns Chicago Vol. 1 / Beatheboxx EP 3 audio iTunes 2005-04-25 Molecular Funk Guerilla
2 Statik Shift / Gone 2 Far 2 audio iTunes 2007 Antenna International
3 Acid Burns Chicago Vol. 1 / Beatheboxx EP 3 audio iTunes 2005-04-20 Molecular Funk Guerilla

Chicago "jack" duo Soultek & Josh Werner who have both played a huge role in the pioneering of the Chicago underground techno scene. Josh has been playing records for over 20 years and is the head techno buyer for Chicago's legendary record shop, Gramaphone and has been for the past 18 years. Josh also managed to release numerous releases with DJ Sneak as [a=3FS] on labels like [l=Cajual Records] / [l=Relief Records], [l=Force Inc. Music Works] & [l=Strictly Rhythm] Josh also launced his own critically acclaimed label, Antennae or formely known as [l=Antenna International] which featured releases by artist including Babypop of Metroplex fame, Force Inc's Billy Dalessandro, Adam Marshall, Kate Simko & Andre Bucci of Traum success & Soultek to name a few. Upcoming releases include songs from James Cotton, The Dirty Criminal & Miles Maeda. Steve [a=Soultek] has been also at the forefront of Chicago's "Counter-Culture" over the years as one of the founding fathers of legendary, ATP promotion company & has been an electronic music producer for over 15 years. Steve also does mastering & for numerous labels and artist such as New York's legendary [a=Adam X] & DJ Traxx of Gigilo's [a=Dirty Criminals] Some call him the future, Some strive to classify his sound in genres… Some hope to label the man known as Soultek but we know him as a Chicago born producer whose sound is taking the world by storm. Major publications such as Vice, Germany’s De:Bug and XLR8R unanimously agree that Soultek represents the future sound of dance music. Years of producing for Kompute Musik have made Soultek a name recognized by djs such as The Amalgamation Of Soundz, Dave Clark, Terry Francis, Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Ian Pooley, Steve Bug, Green Velvet, Timo Mass, Swayzak and John Digweed. Soultek’s recent achievements include signing to do a release on Skor Recordings along with legendary artist, Meat Beat Manifesto, licensees to London’s Fabric collective and having the honor to remix the classic Chicago hit from Roy Davis / DJ Pierre as Phuture, "We Are Phuture" to appear on Germany’s rejuvenated Force Inc label in October 2005. Both in his success and in his actions Soultek truly is the reverberating echo of Chicago’s many contributions to the world of dance music. Empathy Boxx have new releases upcoming on [l=20:20 Vision] sister label, [l=.dotbleep] these two talents working together will only continue to mature in hopes to re-invent "Jack" and his groove by innovation not immitation.... keep watch!

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