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Члены группы Palatka: Jason Teisinger, Kurt Burja, Mark Rodriguez (2), Mike Taylor (20), Ryan Murphy (8)

Дискография Palatka:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Network Of Friends Project 2 22 audio iTunes Coalition Records
2 The Network Of Friends Project 2 21 audio iTunes 1997 Coalition Records
3 The Network Of Friends Project 2 22 audio iTunes Coalition Records
4 The End Of Irony 12 audio iTunes 1999-10-31 No Idea Records
5 A Tampa/Gainesville Do-It-Ourselves Split Seven Inch Record Project 11 audio iTunes 1996 Kurt & Jason
6 The Network Of Friends Project 2 21 audio iTunes 1998
7 The End Of Irony 12 audio iTunes 2004-02-03 No Idea Records
8 The End Of Irony 12 audio iTunes 2002-01-31 No Idea Records

Short-lived –late 1994 to 1999–, although somewhat influential, Hardcore band formed in Gainesville by five students of the University Of Florida who moved there from other areas of the aforementioned state. They took their name from a city in Putnam County and played a lot of shows in North America together with Twelve Hour Turn, Assholeparade, The End Of The Century Party, Robots Make Mistakes, Cavity and many more; and also managed to play quite a few shows in Europe together with their fellows In/Humanity during their not so consistently booked European Tour in late 1997. Palatka's live sets were incredibly short and explosive, sometimes intermingled with long explanations about their lyrics, which were carried out mostly by Kurt or Mike, who shared vocals. Mike was also in charge of most of their artwork. Their awesomeness stemmed much from their ability to mix chaos, dissonance and melody in their sound. Feedback was ever present, too, live and on their vinyl output, the true medium of their DIY/analog attitude. Much to their disgust, there was a CD reissue of the amazing Possessed To Skate LP compilation in which they were featured together with some of the greatest bands of that time. They were very far from being a joke band, as some dared to say, even if they did have a biting sense of humor; but their message was highly subversive and political. Palatka definitely was an incredibly inspiring band to lovers of modern Hardcore. Even if Chris Bickel from In/Humanity coined the term "Emo Violence", "South East Emo Violence" also included Palatka, among a few other Hardcore bands from Florida, South Carolina and Atlanta which crafted a similar sound.

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