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James Gardner

James Edward Gardner

Также известно как: Gardner, J Gardner, J. Gardner, James "Jinx" Gardner, James E Gardner, James E. Gardner, Jim 440, Jim Gardner, Prof. Gardner
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/jamesgardnercomposer

Дискография James Gardner:

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Founder member, in 1990, of the pioneering Apollo 440 together with his school friends Noko and Howard Gray, and Howard's brother Trevor Gray. He had previously played keyboards with The Umbrella and a variety of well known artists, including Pete Shelley's band and Luxuria. He left Apollo 440 in 1993 to concentrate on composition, and in 1994 moved to New Zealand where he formed the contemporary music ensemble 175 East. He is an active broadcaster on music for the eclectic Radio New Zealand Concert.

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