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XL (6)

Gary Powell

Группа в интернете: http://www.djfracus.co.uk/, http://www.myspace.com/djfracus, http://www.facebook.com/fracusdj, http://twitter.com/Fracus, http://soundcloud.com/fracus, http://www.hardcoreunderground.info/index.php?page=fracus

Дискография XL (6):

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Fracus who runs [l=DFM Records] broke through into the hardcore scene in 2002 with tracks like 'Forever with me' and 'Shine' produced with sometime writing partner [a=Gavin G]. Firmly established as one of the leading 'New Breed' UK Hardcore artists, he has released an impressive number of singles, and appeared on almost every compilation album at one time or another. Fracus is now a resident DJ for Vibealite in Leeds. Often works with vocalist [a=Lisa Abbott]. However he started DJing on a pirate radio station Dimension FM in 1999 but was originally called DJ XL.

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