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Peter Callander

Peter Robin Callander

Также известно как: /, Callander, Callendar, Callender, Cattender, Challender, Chandler, Conrad, P. Callander, P. Callendar, P. Callender, P. Callendor, P.Callander, P.R. Callander, Pete Callander, Pete Callanger, Peter - Callander, Peter Calender, Peter Callendar, Peter Callender, Peter Robin Callander
Группа в интернете: http://www.petercallander.com/

Дискография Peter Callander:

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Born: 10th October 1939 Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England Died: 25th February 2014 Multi-award winning songwriter and producer. His first success as a songwriter was Walkin' Tall which was a top-10 single in 1963 for [a=Adam Faith]. He used the alias [a=Robin Conrad] as he was also plugging the song under his real name. He provided English lyrics to Italian ballads that were popular. He went on to work as a lyricist with composers [a=Les Reed], [a=Geoff Stephens] & [a=Mitch Murray] with whom he formed a long-lasting partnership. Founder member of the Society of Distinguished Songwriters (KING SOD II), a Director of the Performing Rights Society, and a Director of MCPS. Callander also has formed the publishing company Callander Family Music Ltd.

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