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Ben Cauley

Ben Cauley

Также известно как: B. Canley, B. Cauley, B. Conley, B. Couley, Ben Jr., Canley, Cauley, Caulley, Cawley, Cayley, Conley, Couley, P. Cauley

Дискография Ben Cauley:

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Trumpeter, singer, songwriter and arranger, born 1947. Original member of the [b]Bar-Kays[/b] since the mid-1960s, sole survivor of the 1967 plane crash that killed [a=Otis Redding] and four band members. He rebuilt the band in 1968 with other remaining member [a=James Alexander] . Cauley left the Bar-Kays in the early 1970s. In the following years he has played and arranged music for artists like [a=Isaac Hayes], [a=Staple Singers, The] and [a=Doobie Brothers, The].

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