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Starski & Tonic

Koen Leroux ("Starski") & Wiebe Loccufier ("Tonic")

Члены группы Starski & Tonic: Starski (3), Wiebe Loccufier
Группа в интернете: http://www.starskitonic.com/, http://www.thesubs.be

Дискография Starski & Tonic:

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Starski & Tonic is a hot Belgian dj duo with residencies at the famous Culture Club in Gent, at Dirty Dancing in Brussels and at Petrol in Antwerp. Starski & Tonic are crowdpleasers and their only goal is getting you out there on the floor shaking some leg. Expect a dose of electro, then add a dash of kitsch, a pinch of rock, some house and new beat and you'll feel relaxed, moody, seriously up for dancing... or strangely disoriented...

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