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Bill Campbell

William Lee Campbell

Также известно как: Billy "C", Billy C

Дискография Bill Campbell:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 "Where Have You Been Billy Boy" 12 audio iTunes 1976 Strata-East
2 A Heavy Message To All Of My Daughters And Those Few People Left With Clean Ears 13 audio iTunes 1977
3 DON'T PUSH IT DON'T FORCE IT 2 audio iTunes Union Records (2)
4 I Believe 4 audio iTunes SSM Records (2)

Afro-american jazz artist For the American guitarist and bassist, member of [a283353], [a1528001] see [a654032]. For the British reggae artist and producer see [a710339]. For the American songwriter from the 50s / 60s see [a761673]. For the texan blues and country guitarist / bassist see [a875911]. For the British rock musician, member of [a1423060] see [a1052004]. For the American drummer see [a1867994]. For the British jazz guitarist, member of [a1008138] see [a2505498]. For the American dixieland jazz musician see [a2647333]. For the classical trumpeter see [a2941936]. For the trombonist see [a670505] (if necessary with ANV). For the jazz saxophonist see [a399203]. For the member of [a259016] see [a902418] (if necessary with ANV). For the Scottish musician & singer from the Isle of Lewis see [a950693]. For the engineer see [a1871576]. For the American singer / songwriter from the 40s / 50s see [a2407884]. For the american photographer see [a2945856]. For the American jazz / latin trumpeter see [a812850]. For the British performer, producer arranger, member of [a302014] see [a531883] (if necessary with ANV). For the American soul singer see [a872286] (if necessary with ANV).

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