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Rob Boskamp

Rob Boskamp

Также известно как: DJ Rob Boskamp, R. Boskamp, R.Boskamp, Rob, Rob B, Tob-Rob! Boskamp
Группа в интернете: http://www.djrobboskamp.nl

Дискография Rob Boskamp:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Rocket 2 You 3 audio iTunes 2003-06-00 Spinnin' Records
2 Shake It 3 audio iTunes 2003 Urban Sound of Amsterdam
3 Pump It! 2 audio iTunes 2005-02-08 Urban Sound Of Amsterdam
4 Pela Praia 2 audio iTunes 2004 Ricciardi Records
5 In The Evening 3 audio iTunes 2005-11-28 Spinnin' Records
6 Music Makes Me Happy 2 audio iTunes Mighty High Musique
7 In The Evening 5 audio iTunes 2006-02-00 Data Records
8 In The Evening 4 audio iTunes 2006 Net's Work International
9 In The Evening 5 audio iTunes 2006-04-17 Data Records
10 Don't Stop 3 audio iTunes 2006-05-00 Big Boss Records (3)
11 Dirty Bitch 3 audio iTunes 2007-02-00 Big Boss Records (3)
12 Get Ur Ass Up! 3 audio iTunes 2007 Big Boss Records (3)
13 Pump It 4 audio iTunes 2005 Spinnin' Records
14 In The Evening 3 audio iTunes 2006 Spinnin' Records
15 In The Evening 5 audio iTunes The Dance Division
16 Get Ur Ass Up! 2 audio iTunes 2009-07-03 Club Generation

Started as DJ in 1976 in the first real discotheque in Amsterdam, called the 'Lucky Star', from that point on he worked his way through all the hotspots in town. (50/50 club, La Bouteille, Cupfinal, Bistrotheque a.o.) Ending up around 1980 at Decibel Radio, the largest Pirate Radio Station in Holland. In 1985 he started working for DMC (Disco Mix Club), a worldwide exclusive DJ-organisation of which only the best DJ's per country were a member. They released albums on a monthly basis with super hot and exclusive remixes of the hit records at that time. By the time that it became the 'summer of love' in 1987, Rob's fame was at an ultimate high in Holland and he played at every club and warehouse that gave house-parties. He's still seen as one of the Dutch godfathers of house. In 1990 Boskamp set up the first real vinyl-wholesale for house music only (boudisque) in Holland. In 1992 DJ Rob Boskamp started his own record-company called Fonky Fibe Records.

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