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Jessicka Addams

Также известно как: Jessicka (Joey), Jessicka Adams, Jessicka Addams
Группа в интернете: http://www.jessicka.com/, http://www.jessickaaddams.com/, http://twitter.com/Jessicka

Дискография Jessicka:

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Jessicka was lead singer of Jack Off Jill until the band split in 2000. Since then, Jessicka worked with a variety of artists, including [a=Kevin Haskins], [a=Chris Vrenna], [a=Meegs Rascon], [a=My Ruin], Anna K. and Martina Axen from [a=Drain S.T.H.], and horror comic writer Roman Dirge. After taking a year off from fronting her own band, Jessicka formed her new band Scarling. in September 2001.

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