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Pedro Estevan

Также известно как: Estevan, P. Estevan, Pedro, Pedro Esteban

Дискография Pedro Estevan:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Musica Esporadica 4 audio iTunes 1992 NO-CD Rekords
2 Metamorphosis - Música En El Imperio Otomano: Grecia, Bizancia, Constantinopla 14 audio iTunes 1997 Glossa Music
3 La Lira D'Espéria: La Vièle Médiévale The Medieval Fiddle 20 audio iTunes 1996 Astrée Auvidis
4 El Aroma Del Tiempo 13 audio iTunes 2001 Glossa Music
5 Diáspora Sefardí (Romances & Música Instrumental) 22 audio iTunes 1999 Alia Vox
6 Istanbul «Le Livre De La Science De La Musique» (Et Les Traditions Musicales Sépharades Et Arméniennes) 22 audio iTunes 2009 Alia Vox
7 La Folia (1490-1701) 8 audio iTunes 1998 Alia Vox
8 Nueva Musica Española Para Flauta II 6 audio iTunes 1987 Circulo De Bellas Artes
9 La Folia (1490-1701) 8 audio iTunes 2003 Alia Vox

Pedro Estevan began to study percussion at Madrid's Conservatory of Music. He then studied contemporary percussion with [a=Sylvio Gualda], African percussion with the Senegalese teacher [a=Doudou N'Diaye Rose], and tambourine technique with [a=Glen Velez]. He is a founding member of The Percussion Group of Madrid, and has worked with many formations such as the National Orchestra of Spain, Radio Television of Spain, Madrid Symphony Orchestra, Gulbenkian of Lisbon, Orchestra of the 18th Century (directed by [a=Frans Brüggen]), Koan, Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse, Paul Winter Consort, Camerata Iberia, Anleut Música, Ensemble La Romanesca, [a=Ensemble Accentus], Sinfonye, La Real Cámara and Ensemble Baroque de Limoges. As a concert soloist he has performed with the Orquesta de Cámara Nacional de España and with the Orquesta Reina Sofía, performing programmes of contemporary music. As a composer, he produced the scores of "Alesio" by I. Garcâa May and of "La Gran Sultana" by Cervantes, directed by Adolfo Marsillach. He has also worked as musical director for Lluis Pasqual's production of "El Caballero de Olmedo" by Lope de Vega, and he has recorded the music for the film "El milagro de P. Tinto".

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