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Joe Foster

Joseph James Foster

Также известно как: Foster, J. Foster, J.J. Foster, J.J.Foster, Joe, Joseph Foster, Joseph James Foster, Joseph Ruiz Foster, Sir Joe Foster
Группа в интернете: http://www.poppydisc.com/

Дискография Joe Foster:

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Legendary producer and co-founder of [l=Creation Records], [l=Elevation (2)], [l=Kaleidoscope Sound], and [l=Poptones]; Founder of [l=Rev-Ola], [l=PoppyDisc], and After Hours. Foster was a founding member of the Television Personalities and Biff Bang Pow, and he has also had a solo career as the artist Slaughter Joe, as well as appeared as a guest musician on a myriad of albums. Joe was a senior executive at Creation Songs Publishing, and now runs his own publishing company, Sterling Songs. Foster's Poppy Productions controls licensing on a number of Creation records, residuals, masters, and publishing on behalf of himself, Alan McGee, and the artist/s concerned.

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