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Chris Sammarco

Chris Sammarco

Также известно как: In The Mix
Группа в интернете: www.beatport.com/artist/chris-sammarco/223306, http://soundcloud.com/chris-sammarco, http://radiofgusa.com/chris-sammarco/, www.addictedtoradio.com/sammarco-beats/, www.facebook.com/chris.sammarco.9, https://www.facebook.com/SammarcoBeats, https://twitter.com/SammarcoBeats

Дискография Chris Sammarco:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Attention 5 audio iTunes 2000-05-01 E-lastik Recordings
2 Sthlm Sunrise 4 audio iTunes 2013-09-23 Stoney Boy Music
3 Your Body (Chris Sammarco Bootleg Mix) 3 audio iTunes 2012-12-24 Stoney Boy Music

Chris Sammarco is a US based DJ / songwriter / producer/ remixer. Chris took the dance music scene by storm in 2011, with a bootleg of Jungle Brothers “I’ll House You,” which caught the ear of legendary DJ StoneBridge. Since then, Chris has worked with many respected labels including Stoney Boy Music, Zulu Records, Rezonation Music, D-Tracks, Supermarket Records, and S & S Records. Chris’s weekly mix show "Sammarco Beats," is heard in 70+ countries and is featured on numerous stations including FG Radio, Strictly Dance Radio, and Dance Radio.ca. 2013 saw Chris as a featured DJ in such places as New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, Norway, Miami, and Sweden. When not touring, Chris has been a guest mixer on such major stations as Global Dance Sessions, Radio Danz, and Italy's Provenzano Radio. 2013 saw Chris score numerous top 20 records, with his remix of Steve Haines- Takin U Back, spending one week at #1 on Trackitdown, and his remix of Cece Peniston's-Get to Steppin spending one week at #1 on Traxsource's Progressive House chart. His debut on Zulu Records "Remember House Music" was supported by such industry heavyweights as Bob Sinclar, Robbie Rivera, D.O.N.S, Tom Stephans, Milk & Sugar and My Digital Enemy. Chris's co-production with StoneBridge, STHLM Sunrise, was a massive success, receiving BPM mix show play for months, as well as being featured in plug in manufacturer, Sonnox's national add campaign. Summer 2013 saw the release of Chris's first mixed DJ compilation on Stoney Boy Music, "Sammarco Beats Volume 1," which hit top 10 on Beatport. For bookings, remix requests and promos, contact Chris at: inthemix06@optonline.net 1. Takin U Back-Steve Haines, 1980 Recordings, #1 on Trackitdown 2. Get to Steppin-Cece Peniston, S & S Records, #1 on Traxsource 3. STHLM Sunrise-StoneBridge & Chris Sammarco, Stoney Boy Music, #8 on Beatport 4. Sammarco Beats Volume 1, Stoney Boy Music, #9 on Beatport 5. Remember House Music on Zulu Amsterdam 2013, Zulu Records, #9 on Beatport 6. The Beginning-Chi Tek, LAD Records, #19 on Beatport 7. STHLM Sunrise-StoneBridge & Chris Sammarco, Stoney Boy Music, #8 on Beatport 8. Supernova-Matt Aubrey & Holevar feat LaRae Starr, Supermarket Records, #15 on Beatport 9. C’est La Vie-J-C Featuring Miss Bunty, Stoney Boy Music, #8 on Beatport 10. Turn Love-Jacques Chirac, Rezonation Music, UK Clubs Dance Top 100

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