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Atelier 112

Boris Volant

Группа в интернете: http://www.chez.com/atelier112/

Дискография Atelier 112:

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Boris Volant, plastic surgeon works as well on the sound as on the images, and hold his trajectory on the acoustic and electronic defect. Likes the disagreeably and the noise Mistakexs investigator. Undefinate signet with the collective Atelier 112 , I want to give an new aspect to electronical live and not just turn buttons! Personal work is developping itself to electro acoustic and is extending to a « tourista resounding », and the pornography of an electronic trituration. Kind of an sundry melt of sound, machines from creatures will common interests and several activities and a big windows, facing north, unrestricted outlook on the electronic and acoustic. Well, to toutch up synthesis and numerical... But, above all, a taste of fog in the mouth and the directions are adulterated from impurities while morality is checking on waves of amoralities . used equipment : cell micro, sampler, guitare effects, tr 606, sequencers, sewer sheet, toy motors...

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