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DJ Quick (3)

Dominic Owen

Группа в интернете: http://www.smokersblend.com/textOnly.htm

Дискография DJ Quick (3):

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Born and raised in Nottingham, England, Dominic found himself drawn from an early age to the raw sounds of the Hip Hop that was coming across the Atlantic. Devouring US imports and immersed in the music and culture of HipHop together with the emergent UK dance scene it wasn't long before he started to produce his own music and DJ. His first record hit the streets in '89 under the alias Dj Quick and MC Fizal Eff. This was followed the next year with releases on the newly formed Sing a Song Records imprint, with tours through Europe including the Cookie Crew and Dj Bizznizz. 1990 saw the release of several dance 12 inches and The "Three Son's" E.P. which featured "Pure Vibes" a number one record in Italy. Despite a growing reputation in Europe including tours with the Ultramagnetic MCs and various production work it was clear that Hip Hop only headed in one direction across the Atlantic and all the advice was it was time to head to New York. And so it was that less than three years since that first 12" release Dominic found himself working with 'Hitman' Howie Tee, in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He produced and wrote 3 songs for Little Shawn's debut L.P. as well as songs for E.S.P, Chubb Rock and Lady Kazann and remixing A.Z, Raekwon, Spragga Benz, DeAngelo. In 1993 Dominic recorded 'Things Done Changed' with the legendary "Notorious B.I.G" which was the lead song on the classic "Ready To Die" album and in the years that followed produced music for Rakim, Lil Kim, Special ED, P.M.D, as well as re-mixes for Das Efx, DeAngelo, Nonchalant and Angie Stone. 1996. Signed Publishing Deal With Warner Bros. Produced and wrote songs for Jeffrey Darnell on the Talkin Loud Record Label, Including the critically acclaimed 'Livin On The Edge'. Produced and Recorded debut LP for Manmade a Black Grape offshoot from Manchester. It was also the time to launch Smokersblend on an unsuspecting world, A launch pad for new artists and vinyl exclusives for DJ's starting with the release of the SmokersBlend 3000 LP, you can find songs from this album on compilations all over the world. 1997 Produced and wrote 3 songs for Damage's debut L.P. including their first top 10 hit "Love To Love" and "Be My Baby" - Featuring Lil Cease from Junior Mafia fame. The end of the 90's saw a move into music for T.V and film including "Grandma Funk's" documentry on Channel 4 and 'Buggin' for the SPACE JAM Soundtrack with Jay-Z on the Lyrics. 11 x Platnuim and counting !!!! More recently Dominic's music has been used in British Telecom's new T.V. ad campaign and as a backdrop for "CNN" across the world. 2005 see's dominic back in the studio with "Pee Lyve" after his iron vacation picking up where they left off.

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