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Αργύριος Θεοφίλης (Argyris Theofilis)

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/Argyofficial/, http://www.myspace.com/thesedaysrecords, http://www.s-e-n.ws/cms/index.php?cccpage=pokerflat_artists_detail&set_pokerflat_artists=44

Дискография Argy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Love Dose 3 audio iTunes 2005-07-18 Poker Flat Recordings
2 Sub But Still Nutty 3 audio iTunes 2005-11-14 Raum...musik
3 Night Ritual E.P. 3 audio iTunes 2006-02-06 Poker Flat Recordings
4 Focus On Argy 12 audio iTunes 2008-05-00 Poker Flat Recordings
5 Focus On Argy 6 audio iTunes 2008-05-30 Poker Flat Recordings
6 Focus On Argy 12 audio iTunes 2008-05-29 Poker Flat Recordings
7 Debbie Downer 2 audio iTunes 2009-01-00 Objektivity
8 Day One 3 audio iTunes 2009-02-09 These Days
9 Debbie Downer / Where's Mr. Brown? 2 audio iTunes 2009-01-00 Objektivity
10 Day Two 3 audio iTunes 2009-05-13 These Days
11 Argy Presents: D.Edge Sao Paulo 15 audio iTunes 2010 These Days
12 Thick & Thin 4 audio iTunes 2010-07-07 Ibadan
13 Argy Presents: D.Edge Sao Paulo 15 audio iTunes 2010-06-21 These Days
14 Cavo Paradiso Mykonos 09 - The Master Sessions (Part 1) 3 audio iTunes 2009-06-15 Refrazed Music
15 La Pasion 3 audio iTunes 2006-07-31 Poker Flat Recordings
16 Daze To Come 4 audio iTunes 2011-04-11 Versatile Records
17 Fundamentals 8 audio iTunes 2011-09-00 Ibadan
18 Fundamentals 13 audio iTunes 2011-10-11 Ibadan
19 Fundamentals 10 audio iTunes 2011-09-23 Ibadan
20 Day One 3 audio iTunes 2009-00-00 These Days
21 Eternal Moment 2 audio iTunes 2012-07-09 Memento Records
22 Don't Need To Practice EP 3 audio iTunes 2012-07-18 These Days
23 D.Edge Sao Paulo 3 audio iTunes 2010-07-16 These Days
24 Vagabundos 2013 41 audio iTunes 2013 Cadenza
25 Vagabundos 2013 41 audio iTunes 2013 Cadenza
26 Reminiscence EP 5 audio iTunes 2011-07-08 Permanent Vacation
27 Focus On Argy 6 audio iTunes 2008
28 Recluse EP 6 audio iTunes 2014-08-18 BPitch Control

Greek producer and DJ with a unique personality and talent who managed to establish a solid name in the international scene since his debut album in 2005. Argyris was born in Greek island Rhodes in 1985. After having finished high school, he decided to move to London, in 2004, in order to make his studies. Since his very first EP in 2005, Argy made an impressive new entry into the upper ranks of electronic music scene with the massive hit "Love Dose" on [l=Poker Flat Recordings]. Since then, things got in a row for Argy, who has released eclectic and innovative sounded EPs on respected labels, like [l=Cocoon Recordings] & [l=Objektivity], as well as unique remixes on several labels like [l=Ibadan] & [l=Defected]. In the beginning of 2009, the Greek producer, currently based in Berlin, founded his own label [l=These Days].

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