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Marc Gordon (2)

Также известно как: Gordan, Gordon, John H. Mercer, M Gordon, M. Gordon, M.Gordon, Marc Gordon, Jr.

Дискография Marc Gordon (2):

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Soul songwriter, producer, and manager of [a=Fifth Dimension, The]. Marc Gordon has worked with [a=Hal Davis] extensively as a production and songwriting duo. He married the Fifth Dimension's [a=Florence LaRue] in 1969 and they had one child together before later divorcing. Gordon discovered the Fifth Dimension, then called The Versatiles, when they auditioned for him while he was working at [l=Motown]'s Los Angeles office in 1966. He brought their demo to [a=Johnny Rivers], and, after the name change, Gordon and Rivers produced their first album on Rivers' label, [l=Soul City Records].

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