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Gordon Mills (2)

Gordon William Mills

Также известно как: Милле, G. Mills, G.Mills, Goldon Mills, Gorden Miles, Gordin Mills, Gordon, Gordon Mills, I Mills, Millis, Mills, Mills Gordon, Mils, Wilde, Wills
Группа в интернете: http://www.gordonmills.co.uk/

Дискография Gordon Mills (2):

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Gordon Mills (15 May 1935 - 29 July 1986): singer, songwriter and regarded as one of the world's most successful personal music managers, responsible for the careers of artists such as [a=Tom Jones], [a=Engelbert Humperdinck], and [a=Gilbert O'Sullivan]. Gordon's first hit song "I'll Never Get Over You" recorded by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, reached number 4 in the British Charts in 1963. He was also a part of the sixties pop group [a1445433]. Owner of [l615179].

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