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Toy (4)

Theo Van Hemelrijk, Harry Woods

Члены группы Toy (4): Alain Goutier, Harry Woods, Marc Bonne, Paul Ille, Renato Marciano, Theo Van Hemelrijk, Werner Pensaert

Дискография Toy (4):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Suspicion 2 audio iTunes 1980 Payola Records
2 Run Run Rosie / Come On Home 2 audio iTunes 1991 Payola Records
3 Tanz Der Gilles 2 audio iTunes 1981 Payola Records
4 Lazy Time 2 audio iTunes 1976
5 Don't Go Away 2 audio iTunes 1975 International Bestseller Company
6 Lovers 2 audio iTunes 1983 EMI
7 Bad Night 12 audio iTunes 1979 Payola Records
8 The Split 10 audio iTunes 1981 Payola Records
9 The Split 10 audio iTunes 1982 Polydor
10 All American 2 audio iTunes 1984 ChanneL Records
11 AnTOYlogy 1980-1993 20 audio iTunes 1999
12 Wild Child 2 audio iTunes 1992 Payola Records
13 Suspicion 2 audio iTunes 1981 Polydor
14 Survive / Pin Striped Suits 2 audio iTunes 1982 Harvest
15 Love Cat 2 audio iTunes 1993 Indisc
16 Bad Night 10 audio iTunes 1982 Payola Records
17 Crazy Monday 2 audio iTunes 1980 International Bestseller Company
18 Only Seventeen 2 audio iTunes 1993 Payola Records
19 A Message For You 2 audio iTunes 1994 Koch International
20 The Split 10 audio iTunes 1982 RCA
21 Rock Diamond Vol. 8 2 audio iTunes Rock Diamonds
22 Coconut / You Won't Regret It Now 2 audio iTunes 1979 Payola Records

Belgian poprock band who had a huge hit with "Suspicion" in the early 80's. Formed round Theo Van Hemelrijck and Belfast-born Harry Woods in the early 70's. After the release of 2 singles (in 75 & 76) they took matters in their own hands and founded Payola Records. By 84 Toy was bleeding to dead, so they disbanded the name and started to record as New Forces. After a while New Forces was only a Theo Van Hemelrijk vehicle. By the early 90's they thought it was time to reform Toy and released a new CD, but this one didn't grab the attention they thought it would have. In 96 they tried again as T.O.Y.

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