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Bobby "DJ" Guttadaro

Robert Guttadaro

Также известно как: Bobby Guttadaro, Bobby "D.J." Guttadaro, Bobby "D.J." Guttadarro, Bobby "DJ" Guttardo, Bobby 'D.J.' Guttadaro, Bobby 'DJ' Guttadaro, Bobby (DJ) Guttadaro, Bobby D.J. Guttadaro, Bobby DJ, Bobby DJ Guttadaro, Bobby Guttadaro, DJ Guttadaro, Dolly Guttadaro, Guttadaro
Группа в интернете: http://web.archive.org/web/20071206081609/www.discomuseum.com/BobbyGuttadaro.html

Дискография Bobby "DJ" Guttadaro:

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Born: 1948 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, USA Died: 26 December 1989 in New York, USA American DJ and remixer. A former professional pharmacist, "The man who's got ears" - as he was called in the music industry - started DJing at Fire Island's "The Ice Palace" in 1971 and, later, at Manhattan's "Le Jardin" and "Infinity", soon becoming one of the most renowned names in the '70s disco scene. Bobby DJ is unanimously regarded as an out-and-out pioneer in beatmixing and disco remixing: No wonder he was a member of the original team of remixers of legendary subscription label [l=Disconet Program Service], along with such other famed DJs as [a=Savarese] and Kevin Guilmet. He was the first DJ to be presented with a Gold Disc - for his work on [a=Love Unlimited Orchestra]'s "Love's Theme" - and, in 1976, he was also awarded - with Tom Savarese - the Billboard Magazine's "National Disco DJ of the Year" prize. Unfortunately, Bobby DJ passed away in New York in 1989 (reportedly of AIDS-related illness).

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