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Willie Wilson

John Andrew Wilson

Также известно как: John "Willie" Wilson, John Wilson, W. Willie, Willey, Willie, Willie John Wilson, Willy Wilson, Wilson

Дискография Willie Wilson:

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Willie Wilson was born on July 8 1947 in England. Wilson started his musical career at the age of 16 when he joined the Cambridge based The Swinging Vibros band. In the band he performed with Nick Barraclough, Brian Carling and John Anderson. In 1966, Wilson was a member of [a=David Gilmour]’s [a=Jokers Wild (2)]. When Gilmour left, Wilson joined a band called [a=Quiver]. Willie Wilson was also a friend of Syd Barrett’s and he recorded some parts of his first two albums (A Madcap Laughs and Barrett). He plays on Gilmour’s solo debut named On An Island. Wilson’s collaboration with Pink Floyd was associated with The Wall project. He was the drummer in the “surrogate band” which performed the opening song In The Flesh? He also recorded the drums for the film versions of the songs.

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