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Eddy Ouwens

Arie Eddy Ouwens

Также известно как: A. Ouwens, Arie Eddy Ouwens, E. Ouwen, E. Ouwens, E. Ovwens, E. Owens, E.Ouwens, Eddie Ouwens, Eddy "Arie" Ouwens, Eddy Owens, Ouwens, Owens

Дискография Eddy Ouwens:

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Singer, songwriter, producer, radio DJ and record executive, born 30 May 1946 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A founding member of [b]The Eddysons[/b] in 1966, he leaves that band in 1969. He records as a solo artist in the early 1970s using the alias [b]Eddy Owens[/b] but is mostly active as a producer for artists such as [a=Bolland & Bolland] and [a=Teach-In]. Following the death of [a=Elvis Presley] in 1977 he releases [i]I Remember Elvis Presley[/i] using the alias [b]Danny Mirror[/b]. Since the 1990s he has mostly focused on composing, producing and compiling music for commercials, jingles and corporate productions. Eddy Ouwens is owner of [l=Eddy Ouwens Special Products].

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