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R.A.F. Punk

R.A.F. Punk

Также известно как: Raf Punk
Члены группы R.A.F. Punk: Bounty Scarponacci, Jumpy Velena, Mala Testa, Whyyot
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/230268218, http://www.delauris.it/rafpunk.htm

Дискография R.A.F. Punk:

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"In 1978 Gianpaolo Giorgetti (better known as Jumpy) and Laura Carroli meet on the train of John Cage and decide to give birth to a virtual group: the Rhutter Gropp. The band has a line-up somewhat unstable until the name is not becomes Raf Punk with Stefano 'Steno' Cimato (bass), Carlo Chiapparini (guitar), Massimo, 'Mama' Poggi (guitar), Laura (drums) and Jumpy (vocals). To disagreement Steno left the band (going to train NABAT) and Cristina Cavazzoni arrives at his post. The core of the activities of the combo is meanwhile become the forecastle, home of the anarchists in Bologna. In a climate of constant political challenge to those who do not agree with the choices of patrons arriving Cassero Beppe (bass), but can not stand the tension palpable in the air and the constant attacks, not only verbal. Barbara Lolli replacing it. The punk ensemble is almost experimental. In 1981 he founded the core of the band Attack Punk Records released their first single label. 'Schiavi nella citta' piu' libera del mondo' (1981) contains the recording debut of Raf Punk, which together with Anna FALKSS, Bacteria and Stalag 17, photographed the unease of a generation. Simultaneously with the compilation of the RAF Punk print a fanzine entitled 'Attack Punkzine' and Cassero becomes a contact center for the scene itaiana called 'Punkamine'. RAF PUNK begin to sound a bit 'everywhere you go so far refused to Germany where, in Berlin , to play shoulder to Exploited are in London and then in Yugoslavia. Barbara leaves and in its place comes Gabriele 'Pedro' Pedrini. The name becomes Transxxx in 1986 and after a couple of concerts coming to the end because of a internal crisis. Carlo moves in the CCCP Fedeli alla Linea, Pedro bases Deuterium and Tritium (electronics), Jumpy became Helena Velena basing Cybercore and Laura, among other things, has shot short films, created 'The New Justine' (theater ) and open the Cultural Association 'Vortex'. "

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