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Michael Brooks (2)

Дискография Michael Brooks (2):

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Michael Brooks is a music historian, archivist, consultant, and producer. He started his career in 1971 by doing a [a=Count Basie] retrospective, [r1248670] for [l=Columbia], which got him his first Grammy nomination. Among the historical reissues he has produced are boxed sets of the works of [a=Billie Holiday], [a=Louis Armstrong], [a=Hoagy Carmichael], [a=Lester Young] and [a=Bing Crosby]. Career: - [b]1987-present[/b]: Producer/archivist for [l=CBS] Records and [l=Sony Music]. Winner of six Grammy Awards as producer, co-producer or liner-note author. - [b]1981[/b]: Became chief producer for [l=Time Life Music]'s mail-order record division. - [b]1977[/b]: Returned to CBS as reissue producer for its [l=Columbia] special products division. - [b]1976[/b]: Left CBS to work for Hammond at his short-lived music company, [b]SNUM[/b]. - [b]1971[/b]: Producer [a=John Hammond] hired Brooks to work on jazz reissues at CBS Records. - [b]1960[/b]: Began career as book trade editor and advertising executive.

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