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Sick Rhyme Sayazz

Также известно как: Sick Rhyme Sayaz
Члены группы Sick Rhyme Sayazz: David Vurdelja, Pero Radojčić

Дискография Sick Rhyme Sayazz:

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Croatian hip-hop duo consisted of Baby Dooks (real name: David Vurdelja) and Bizzo Brigante (real name: Pero Radojcic), based in Zagreb. First appeared in 1997 with the track "Blowin' Up Yo Secta", then on the famous compilation "Blackout Project - Project Impossible" produced by Zagreb hip-hop DJ's Frx and Phat Phillie. Couple of collaborations with other croatian hip-hop acts as Tram 11, Nered & Stoka etc. followed, as well as their own single "You Must Know About ZG" in 1998, and in 2000 they released their debut "Lovci Na Subare". By that time they gained mass audience in Croatia so they also became known as "Bolesna Braca". In fact, the "Lovci Na Subare" album had both of the names listed on the cover (of which "Bolesna Braca" name was in parentheses, introduced as a new one). Soon after the release of "Lovci Na Subare" they dropped the Sick Rhyme Sayazz moniker.

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