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Pheeroan Aklaff

Paul Maddox

Также известно как: Pharoa Ak Laff, Pheer-oan AkLaff, Pheeroan Ak Laff, Pheeroan Ak Laff (Paul Maddox), Pheeroan akLaff, Pheroan Aklaff

Дискография Pheeroan Aklaff:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Sonogram 6 audio iTunes 1990 MuWorks Records
2 Fits Like A Glove 4 audio iTunes 1983 Gramavision
3 Global Mantras 8 audio iTunes 1998 ModernMasters
4 House Of Spirit: Mirth 6 audio iTunes 1979 Passin' Thru Records
5 Sonogram 6 audio iTunes 1990
6 House Of Spirit: Mirth 6 audio iTunes 2011 Universal Sound
7 First Time In Manhattan 9 audio iTunes 1993 ITM Records (2)
8 House Of Spirit: "Mirth" 6 audio iTunes 2011 Universal Sound
9 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 9 audio iTunes 2001 Naxos Jazz
10 Brooklyn Waters 11 audio iTunes 2001 Telepathy Records (2)

Pheeroan Aklaff, Free Jazz drummer; b. Detroit/MI, 27/01/1955. Brother classical pianist. Associated with the free jazz movement fr. 1975, when he played with [a=Jay Hoggard]. Worked with [a=Leo Smith]'s [a=New Dalta Ahkri] in New Haven, Conn.; then in NYC with [a=Oliver Lake Trio], Anthony Davis-James Newton Qt. '78-79; Davis's Episteme fr. '81; [a=Oliver Lake]'s Jump Up fr. '83; [a=Henry Threadgill]'s [a=Air (4)] '82-83; and Very Very Circus fr. '84. Played with Ray Anderson, Mark Helias '89; Craig Harris's Tailgaters '90s.

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