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Black Nivea

Члены группы Black Nivea: Haax, Joe Saehrig, Screaming Joe

Дискография Black Nivea:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Old & Drunk 12 audio iTunes 2003 Last Year's Youth Records
2 Miserable! 11 audio iTunes 1995 Zounds (5)
3 This Time For Real 13 audio iTunes 2004 Last Year´s Youth Records
4 Hass 3 audio iTunes 1996 107% Politisch Korrekt Records
5 The Black Album 1989-1991 16 audio iTunes 2011 Zounds (5)
6 This Time For Real Session 18 audio iTunes 2004 Red Dynamite
7 This Time For Real 12 audio iTunes 2004 Last Year's Youth Records
8 Into The Black 4 audio iTunes 2013 Last Year's Youth Records

Black Nivea (Mk. I), a bunch of decidedly dilettant noise makers, formed in mid 1989. After a handful of at times chaotic local gigs (imagine a mix of early Germs and Flipper) the original group disbanded at the end of 1991. But in 1994 Black Nivea (Mk. II) came together around the key players of Screaming Joe, Big Rolf and Haax. They went on for another 10 years this time, rarely performing in public, but self-releasing the one or other record, all of which were - rightfully? - ignored by the public. In 1996 they released a great 7´´ as Pächter der Weisheit, original Black Nivea songs translated to German lyrics.

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