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Brandon Ebel

Также известно как: Brandon
Группа в интернете: http://www.toothandnail.com, http://www.toothandnail-mailorder.com, http://www.solidstaterecords.com, http://www.becrecordings.com, http://www.uprokrecords.com

Дискография Brandon Ebel:

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Brandon Ebel is best known as the founder of both [l=Tooth & Nail Records] and [l=BEC Recordings]. He is better known as being the CEO and president. He has helped launch the careers of bands like [a=MxPx], [a=Starflyer 59], [a=O.C. Supertones, The], [a=Project 86 (2)], [a=Plankeye], and many more. [l=Tooth & Nail Records] has the distinction of being the first Christian label ever to have one of its artists played on MTV. After the recent completed purchase of the majority of the [l=Tooth & Nail Records] catalog by the Capitol Christian Music Group, Brandon is re-launching Tooth & Nail Records as a new label with a select group of artists including [a=August Burns Red], [a=Demon Hunter], and [a=Living Sacrifice].

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