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Michael Lang

Michael Lang

Дискография Michael Lang:

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American musical concert promoter, producer and artistic manager, born December 11, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. [b]NOTE![/b] There are several artists with the same name: *For the (supervising/reissue) producer on [l=Verve Records] releases, please use [a=Michael Lang (2)]. *For the American pianist/keyboardist, please use [a=Mike Lang]. Lang is best known as the co-creator of the Woodstock Music & Art Festival in 1969. He owned and managed the label [l=Just Sunshine Records]. He managed such artists as [a=Joe Cocker], [a=Rickie Lee Jones] and [a=Willy DeVille], among others. Currently his company, The Michael Lang Organization (MLO,) encompasses live event production, film production and artist management. MLO also has worked with a good amount of artists, including [a=Outkast], [a=Prince], [a=Snoop Dogg], [a=Madonna], [a=Bruce Springsteen] and [a=Red Hot Chili Peppers].

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