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Martin Callomon

Также известно как: Baron Von Callmeister, Callomon, Callon, Cally (Outlaw Management), Cally (www.antar.cc), Cally (www.antar.com), Cally @ Antar, Cally @ Antar DVD, Cally At Antar, Cally At Antar (Carnaby St.), Cally at Antar (I Passi Sulla Neve), Cally At Antar Bavaria G.M.B.H., Cally Callomon, Cally Livin On Art Island, Cally On Antar Hangman, Cally on Art Dalky Island, Cally On Art Island, Cally On Art Island (Butlers Wharf), Cally On Art Island (East Anglia), Cally On Art Island (Grizedale), Cally on Art Island (Longhrigg), Cally On Art Island G.M.B.H., Cally On ArtDalkyIsland, Cally on Makeshift Art Island, Cally On The Art Island (Grizedale), Cally On U Art, Cally, Cast Away On Art Island, Callys 1 & 2, LT. Cally, Robinson Cally
Группа в интернете: http://www.antar.cc/, http://www.penkilnburn.com/

Дискография Cally:

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Art director, sleeve designer and manager for 'Antar.' Cally Callomon started off as the drummer and songwriter for 70s punk band [a=Bears, The (2)] and 80s indie band [a=Tea Set, The]. The former manager of [a=Julian Cope] who he signed to Island, Cally also was the co-founder of [l140158], A&R for [l999]/WEA, head of Island Art, [l=Island Records] art department. He is the executor of [a=Nick Drake]'s estate. He currently works for the [a149534] arts project Penkiln Burn

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