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Suzanne Perry

Также известно как: Perry
Группа в интернете: http://www.lovespiralsdownwards.com, http://www.melodyguild.com

Дискография Suzanne Perry:

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Suzanne Perry started Love Spirals Downwards with Ryan Lum in 1991. Perry became known for her ethereal vocal delivery, which many compared to Elizabeth Fraser or Lisa Gerrard. After their 1998 release, "Flux," the duo drifted apart and Lum went on to form a new group under the Lovespirals moniker with vocalist Anji Bee. Perry formed a new band in 2002 with former members of Love Spirals Downwards associates, The Von Trapps, called Melodyguild. Melodyguild released their debut EP "Aitu" on Projekt Records in 2008.

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