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Marzio Benelli

Marzio Benelli

Также известно как: Benelli, M. Benelli, Marzio, Marzio "Dr. Roland" Benelli, Marzio "Monster" Benelli, Marzio Benelli (The Monster), Maurizio Benelli, Mazio Benelli, St. Marzio

Дискография Marzio Benelli:

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Born in Calenzano (Florence, Italy) Sept. 4, 1961. Bachelor in musicology of the Saint Gregory College. He had the first contact with the showbusiness at age of 5, having won a competition as musician. Specialized in sound enginering in Milan studios, but the first real experience he had was in 1978 in New York near the Arista Studios. In the 80's he came back to Italy in order to open [l=Emme Studio], were he worked with major national and international artists as: Claudio Baglioni, Renato Zero, Venditti, Marco Masini, Pieces, Mia Martini, Litfiba, Mick Ronson etc.

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