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George Davis

Также известно как: Davis, G. Davis
Группа в интернете: http://tinyurl.com/666vpd5

Дискография George Davis:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Out Of A Million Girls / Soft Touch 2 audio iTunes 1962 Philips
2 Piano Blues Rarities Vol. 3 (1930-1940) 16 audio iTunes 1989 RST Records

U.S. songwriter - singer Started his career in the doo-wop era. Often credited along [a=John Taylor (9)] Known notably for co-writing [b]“Boy From New York City”[/b] [i](Note: Shortened URL links to George Davis’s bmi.com page with all of his registered songwriter credits.[/i] Other artists named George Davis you should consider before crediting: [b][a=George Davis (2)][/b] Soul - jazz blues songwriter - multi-instrumentalist from New Orleans. Has co-written [b]"Tell It Like It Is"[/b] [b][a=George Davis (3)][/b] Electronica artist, member of [a=Choclate Deluxe], active since mid-'00s [b][a=George Davis (4)][/b] Credited as composer for country act [a=Mighty Earth Angels, The], in a 1981 release [b][a=George Davis (5)][/b] Electronica artist, collaborator of [a=Mike Reese (2)], credited since 2007 [b][a=George Davis (6)][/b] U.S. folk singer songwriter - radio DJ from Kentucky [b][a=George Davis (8)][/b] Blues artist [b][a=George Davis (9)][/b] Saxophone player with the swing band [a=Harry James And His Orchestra] [b][a=George Davis (12)][/b] Appearing as producer in a 1972 classical release of [a=Kurt Weill], [a=Bertolt Brecht] and [a=Lotte Lenya] [b][a=George Keoki Davis][/b] Hawaian steel guitarist

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