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Deke Richards

Deke Richards

Также известно как: D Richards, D. Eke Richards, D. Richard, D. Richardes, D. Richards, D.Richards, Deck Richards, Deke Richard, Derek Richards, Ричард, Richard, Richard Deke, Richards, Richardson
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Дискография Deke Richards:

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Deke Richards a.k.a. Dennis Lussier and Deke Lussier Born in 8th April 1944, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Died in 24th March 2013, Whatcom Hospice House, Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A. Deke passed away on the 24th of March 2013 following a battle with esophageal cancer. He was a member of the Motown Records songwriting team, the Corporation during the late Sixties and early Seventies. The Corporation also included Berry Gordy, Alphonzo Mizell and Freddie Perren. Deke was also a member of the songwriting team, the Clan (who also featured R. Dean Taylor, Frank Wilson and Pam Sawyer).

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