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Porl Thompson

Paul Thompson

Также известно как: P. Thompson, P.Thompson, Paul S. Thompson, Paul Stephen Thompson, Paul Thompson, Porl, Port, Port Thompson, Thompson, Tompson

Дискография Porl Thompson:

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Born on November 8th, 1957, in London, England. Porl first worked with [a=Robert Smith] as a member of the pre-Cure band named "Malice". In 1983 he rejoined Smith in [a=Cure, The] on saxophone and helped record the next 5 studio albums; "The Top", "The Head On The Door", "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me", "Disintegration" and "Wish". During this period he was also part of the group's live line-up: he played keyboard, guitar and saxophone. He's produced artwork for a few of The Cure's album covers and inserts. He is married to Robert Smith's sister. In the 1990's, he worked with [a=Robert Plant] and [a=Jimmy Page], playing on the Page/Plant album "No Quarter", and touring in support in 1995 and 1996. He also worked with [a=Babacar (2)], the band formed by drummer [a=Boris Williams] following his departure from The Cure. Porl Thompson rejoined The Cure for a third time in 2005 and appeared on their 13th studio album, "4:13 Dream". Thompson also toured with The Cure for their 2007-2008 "4Tour". In 2012 he declared that he now goes by the first name Pearl.

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