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Inimigos Do Rei

Члены группы Inimigos Do Rei: Paulinho Moska
Группа в интернете: http://inimigosdorei.wix.com/inimigosdorei#!

Дискография Inimigos Do Rei:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Uma Barata Chamada Kafka 2 audio iTunes 1989 Discos CBS
2 Uma Barata Chamada Kafka 4 audio iTunes 1989 Discos CBS
3 Pacto 2 audio iTunes 1990 Epic
4 Mamãe Viajandona 2 audio iTunes 1989 Discos CBS
5 Jesse James 2 audio iTunes 1989 Epic
6 Amantes Da Rainha 11 audio iTunes 1990 Epic
7 Amantes Da Rainha 11 audio iTunes 1990 Epic
8 Inimigos Do Rei 10 audio iTunes

Inimigos do Rei is a Brazilian band formed in 1987 in Rio de Janeiro, by five members of the group Garganta Profunda, whose musical direction stimulated the components in your presentations, produce smaller numbers in formations. Had, at first, with seven members: the five ex-Gorges Luiz Guilherme, Luiz Nicholas, Paulinho Moska, Marcelo Marques and Marcus Lyrio, added up bassist and keyboardist Lourival Crelier Marcelo Franco. He was known for his irreverent and humorous style, composing songs with double meaning and accented voices games, and eccentric stage performances. History In 1989, he recorded the LP "Inimigos do Rei", especially the tracks "Uma Barata Chamada Kafka" and "Adelaide" - version "You Be Illin '" (Simmons, White and Mizell) - which have been successful in issuing radio point of consecrating the band a Gold Record. In 1990 he released the album "Amantes da Rainha" and the following year, Paulinho Moska left the group to pursue a solo career. In 1991, participated in the Rock in Rio II. In 1997 they recorded another album, then six members, which featured new songs and some rewrites as " Mamãe Passou Açúcar em Mim " by Carlos Imperial (immortalized in the voice of Simonal), and "Come Together" by Lennon and McCartney (The Beatles). The Archive - Inimigos do Rei would only leave in 1998, along with the first break of banda. In 2005 participated in the recording of the DVD / CD Ploc Party 80, at the Circo Voador with more than 3000 people in the audience, performing the first official live his hits " Uma Barata Chamada Kafka " and "Adelaide". In 2009 a training "power trio", the three remaining members depart for the (r) evolution of Inimigos do Rei and change the group name to INIMIX, keeping the band's repertoire and adding several new songs as "A Crise", "O Medo" and "A Vida". Current members • Lyrio Marco (guitar) • Marcelo Crelier (low) • Marcelo Marques (drums) Former members • Paulinho Moska (voice) • Nicholas Luiz (voice) • Luiz Guilherme (voice) • Lourival Franco (keyboards)

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