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One Mike

Michael Tapper

Группа в интернете: http://www.cristalcity.co.uk

Дискография One Mike:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Cristal City Episode One 5 audio iTunes 2002 Cristal City
2 Nocturne Sessions Disk 7 5 audio iTunes 2002 Nocturne Sessions

Originally from East London, UK Hip-Hop Producer [b]ONE MIKE[/b] is becoming one of the most promising new talents in the scene, having worked with [a=K-Ners], [a=Ricochet Klashnekoff], [a=Rodney P], [a=Skeme], [a=Fallacy], [a=Pelo] and many more heavyweight UK artists. After moving from London to Bristol, ONE MIKE was introduced to K.NERS, a local rapper and former Ragga MC, and they began to work together. The Duo formed [l=Cristal City] with manager Jason Ferron and released their first 5 track EP: [r=520321], to widespread critical acclaim. One of the tracks from the EP: [b]'Hectic'[/b] was an instant success; with its video making it onto [b]MTV Base[/b], and becoming one of the most popular videos ever on [b]Channel U[/b], lasting over 8 months on the playlist. KLASHNEKOFF hooked up with K.NERS to record a remix version of the track, which immediately made it onto the BBC [b]1Xtra[/b] playlist. Since then there has been a huge amount of ONE MIKE & K.NERS tracks played on 1Xtra, [b]BBC Radio 1[/b], Kiss, Choice, and all of the major commercial and pirate radio stations up and down the country. ONE MIKE was responsible for producing almost all of K.NERS' Debut Album [r=529624], which has made his work become known to an even bigger audience. With his distinctive and eclectic new style of beats, ONE MIKE is sure to become a formidable name in the urban music arena.

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