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Nigel Luby

Nigel M. A. Luby

Дискография Nigel Luby:

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British producer, and sound engineer. Luby, a qualified illustrator, began working for [a50263] in 1972, through his friendship with [a294163], and acted as Squire's "personal road manager". From 1975, he became interested in sound engineering, and assisted Gregg Jackman on the '[url=http:/www.discogs.com/master/60968]Fish Out Of Water[/url]' album. However, in a 1979 interview he stated that his "first job [as an engineer] was assisting on '[url=http://www.discogs.com/master/35199]Going For The One[/url]'", under David Richards, and John Timperley. He also engineered, and occasionally produced, several other acts, including: [a18666], [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/181236-Alarm-The]The Alarm[/url], [a91685], [a218108], and [a9967]. Born: 1955, in England. Died: Saturday, 29th November 2008, on Eel Pie Island, London, England. [aged 53 - natural causes]

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