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Weekend At Waikiki

Также известно как: W.A.W, W.A.W., WAW
Члены группы Weekend At Waikiki: Boelie Winter, Eelco Engelsma, Han Raggers, Henk Gubbels, Howard Clements, Jan Dijksma, Jelke Haisma, Thijs Helfrich, Tom Holkenborg, Wijnand Helfrich

Дискография Weekend At Waikiki:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 No Way To Go 2 audio iTunes 1986
2 The Girl Of My Dreams 3 audio iTunes 1994 VIA
3 Casa 11 audio iTunes 1988 Top Hole Records
4 Villa 6 audio iTunes 1987
5 Casa Grande 19 audio iTunes 1989 Top Hole Records
6 Sputnik 13 audio iTunes 1994 VIA
7 You Could Be Mine 2 audio iTunes 1989 Top Hole Records
8 The Valley 2 audio iTunes 1987 Top Hole Records
9 Crazy Horses 2 audio iTunes 1989 Top Hole Records
10 Love In The Most Peculiar Way 2 audio iTunes 1986 Top Hole Records
11 Casa Grande 19 audio iTunes 1989 Top Hole Records

Dutch band from Wolvega, Friesland formed in 1983 by: Henk Gubbels (Guitar) Jelke Haisma (Percussion) Wijnand Helfrich (Keyboards, Vocals) Thijs Helfrich (Vocals) Han Raggers (Guitar) Harry Raggers (Keyboards) Jan Dijksma (Bass Guitar) Boelie Winter (Drums) Harry Raggers ('86) and Han Raggers ('88) leave the band, while it is moving from [a=Roxy Music] and [a=Simple Minds] music to more funky music like [a=Japan]. Tom Holkenberg replaces Han Raggers. In '89 Boelie Winter also leaves the band after a tour in Russia. In 1994 replaces Howard Clements Tom Holkenberg who wants to focus on his projects Junkie XL and Nerve.

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