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Wessel Van Diepen

Wessel van Diepen

Также известно как: Delmundo, DJ Delmundo, W. van Diepen

Дискография Wessel Van Diepen:

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Wessel van Diepen was born on 12-11-1966 in Delft, Holland. He was the youngest in a family of 4 children. His parents had a little store in Delft. At 15 he started his own illegal radiostation called "Radio Stad Delft", his first step towards a blossoming radio carreer. Later, when Wessel was 17 years old, during a holiday in Wichita, Kansas, United States, he made a radio roadtrip visiting several stations in that area and there he met a DJ at "KKRD" who gave Wessel the unique opportunity to fill in for him on air for a period of three months. Back in The Netherlands, in 1986, he got noticed by 3FM DJ Rob Stenders and through him he got his demo to several Dutch radio-stations in broadcasting capital Hilversum. After numerous offerings Wessel decided to accept a job as a DJ at the "VARA" , which also broadcasts via 3fm. As he was a fresh breeze throughout Dutch radio, soon he was contacted by popular broadcasting organisation "VERONICA". They wanted to recruit him for some radio and TV programms which included the Europe-wide broadcast popmusic tv-show "COUNTDOWN", which shot Wessel to international fame. In the early 90s Veronica moguls Erik de Zwart and Lex Harding deserted Veronica and started Radio 538 (nowadays #1 radiostation in The Netherlands), and Wessel ended up going with them. Besides hitting big ratings with a daily drive-time show, he took the opportunity to exploit his dance minded side and created the internationally awarded radioshow "Van Diepen's Dance Department", where every notable DJ spinned vinyl, ranging from Oakenfold to Digweed and from Paul van Dyk to Tiesto. When Dutch musicvideo channel TMF (The Music Factory) was launched in 1995 and Wessel got on board, he once again gained tv fame as a VJ with a popular show called "Wessels Woelige Wereld" (something like: "Wessels Wild World"), which he hosted until 1999. During the 90's he also started producing hitmusic, together with Peran van Dijk and later Dennis van Den Driesschen ('Danski'), leading to succesfull acts such as L.A. Style (James Brown Is Dead (with Van Diepen doing the trademark megaphone catchphrase)), Nakatomi, and eventually worldwide phenomenons Alice Deejay and Vengaboys Over the last thirteen years, the Vengaboys alone sold over 15 million singles, 4.5 million albums, went platinum in 73 countries and they performed in more than 130 different countries! The Vengaboys split in 2000, but announced their comeback in 2010 with the space age disco bliss single "Rocket To Uranus", featuring Perez Hilton and Pete Burns (video only). Now, in 2010, Wessel is regarded the most succesfull pop dance producer in Dutch music history! Wessel also owns a recordcompany called "Violent Records".

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