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Reginald Arvizu

Также известно как: Dr. Dreams, Fieldy Arvizu

Дискография Fieldy:

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Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu was born November 2, 1969 in Bakersfield, California. He is the bass player for the band [a=Korn]. Prior to this, he also started the band [a=L.A.P.D. (4)] with [a=Munky] and [a=David Silveria], who are also founding members of Korn, and [a=Richard Morill]. Fieldy had a lot of nicknames. Garr, Garfield, Gopher, Garf, Fieldy’s Nuts, all Fieldy. His playing style consists of slapping, double slapping, double-popping, standard finger-style plucking, and palm muting; his standard tuning is: A, D, G, C, F. The majority of Fieldy's bass riffs are hip-hop inspired. He says he gets inspiration from anything hip-hop. It is said he titled every Korn album. In 2002 Fieldy released an album of his own hiphop side-project named "Fieldy's Dreams - Rock 'N Roll Gangster". In 2008 Fieldy formed a hip-hop metal crossover band named "Capital Q" which was transformed into "[a=Stillwell (2)]" in 2011. The debut album "Dirtbag" was released in 2011. Stillwell includes rapper "[a=Q-Unique]" and drummer "[a=Wuv Bernardo]" (of [a=P.O.D.]).

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