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Evelyne Verrecchia

Также известно как: E. Verrecchia, Evelyne Verrecchia
Группа в интернете: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89velyne_Lenton

Дискография Evy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Chaque, Chaque Fois / J'ose Te L'Êcrire / Je T'en Prie Dis, Le-Moi / "Sue" 4 audio iTunes 1964
2 Pourquoi Choisir 4 audio iTunes 1963
3 L'Abito Non Fa Il Beatnik 2 audio iTunes 1966 RCA
4 Viens, Viens, Viens / Cette Amitié / La Peur (Little Diane) / Fou D'Amour (Crazy Love) 4 audio iTunes 1964
5 Jeux Interdits / Une Question Qui Se Pose / Quel Merveilleux Souvenir, Johnny / C’était Mon Frère 4 audio iTunes 1965 Riviera (3)
6 Ma Che Magnifico Ricordo / Giochi Proibiti 2 audio iTunes 1965 Riviera (3)
7 Long, Long Time 2 audio iTunes 1973 Pathé
8 Domani Il Mondo Sarà Nelle Nostre Mani 2 audio iTunes 1967 RCA Victor
9 Domani Il Mondo Sara' Nelle Nostre Mani / Io Non So Quello Che Ho 2 audio iTunes 1967 RCA Victor

French singer and composer born in Angers 16 December 1945, able to perform in French, Italian, English, Spanish and famous in the 60's in France & in Italy as [a=Evy]. In 70s back with the disco-version of [i]Black Is Black[/i] (original song by spanish band [a=Los Bravos]) as leader of [a=Belle Epoque], female group produced by her brother [a=Albert Verrecchia], keyboardist of [a=I Pirañas], author of soundtracks, mostly known as [a=Albert Weyman] (also [a=Weyman Avenue] & [a=Weyman Corporation] thanks the great success with [i]Le Chat[/i], lyrics written by same Evy, aka [a=Evelyne Lenton]).

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