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Andrew Van Dorsselaer

Andrew Alphonse van Dorsselaer

Также известно как: A Van Dorsselaer, A. Van Dorseslaer, A. Van Dorsselaar, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Vandorsselaer, A.Van Dorselaer, A.Van Dorsselaer, Andrew Van Dorslar, Andy Van, Andy Van Dorsselaer, AV, Doesselaer, Dorsselaer, Van Dorsselaer, Van Dorsseler

Дискография Andrew Van Dorsselaer:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 A Night Out With John Course & Andy Van 23 audio iTunes 2001-09-00 Vicious Vinyl
2 The Summer Annual - Summer 2001 36 audio iTunes 2001 Ministry Of Sound (Australia)
3 The 2002 Annual 35 audio iTunes 2002 Ministry Of Sound (Australia)
4 Vicious Cuts - Top Tunes From Australia's Top Label 9 audio iTunes 2003-10-00 Ministry (Magazine) Australia
5 Superstar DJ: Andy Van 10 audio iTunes 2000 Ministry (Magazine) Australia

Born 3rd November 1966, Andrew Van Dorsselaer aka Andy Van is co owner of Vicious which includes the labels Vicious Grooves & Zip Music. He was a member of Madison Avenue, Blackout & Key South and has DJ'd world wide. He has also been involved in Production and Remixes of numerous tracks and Dance compilations. His current (2006) project is Vandalism.

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